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Discover the perfect fusion of sculptural art and functionality with our handcrafted cow head coffee table. This stunning piece is designed to serve as a captivating glass table mount, adding a unique touch to any eclectic room. The cow figurine showcases vivid hand-painted stripes and intricately crafted features, making it a standout centerpiece. With the option of both rectangular and circular 12mm glass tops, you can choose the shape that best suits your space. Not only does this remarkable coffee table exude artistic charm, but it also offers convenient storage space from the back. Adorned with eye-catching brown and black stripes, it brings a contemporary flair to your decor. Elevate your living space with this exceptional, artisan-made coffee table that seamlessly combines aesthetic appeal with practicality.

The Unordinary Cow

SKU: 100
  • 24x18x22

  • 12 kg without glass-top 

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