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About Us

It's us, the Karigarwalas! 

Our mission at Abbeeyyaar is straightforward: to provide unforgettable experiences while honouring our roots. 

Our company has come a long way since its humble beginnings four years ago as a modest internet design studio specialising in the sale of furniture product designs and interior services. The sale of products continues to this day, but we've expanded to include a lot more. We supply the "more" with the highest quality diverse craft fusion design products made from eco-friendly and long-lasting materials through our traditional artisans who have inherited and perfected ancient art and craft techniques. We hope to serve as an example to the rest of the world by demonstrating that it is possible to provide long-term, sustainable joy to consumers, employees, vendors, shareholders, and the local community without resorting to capitalist machine-made production.


Our Vision

हाँ अब हर घर से जुड़ता किसी मॉल का कोई रास्ता है
जहां हाथो की कारीगरी से ज़ादा मशीनी माल सस्ता है
जहा की पुरानी कुछ चीज़ो में आज भी मेरा बचपन हँसता है कुछ यादें समेट कर ऐसा लगा , कि मेरे घर के किसी कोने में भारत का हुनर बसता है !


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