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Morphing furniture has been ingeniously crafted to accommodate a total of 16 distinct positions, each of which has been meticulously tailored to cater to the nuanced preferences of the human form. This unique design was motivated by the Nitya Shakti Yantras, which are renowned for their depiction of the 16 phases of the moon.

The expression ‘yantra’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘yam’ – essentially meaning liberation from birth and rebirth & Nitya meaning eternal. The inspiration conveys a metaphorical message regarding the perpetuity of the craft's rebirth.


Material: Silver on Iron, Reclaimed Walnut & Sapele


In this digital age, when back health is often neglected, we'd like to introduce you to the amazing Transforming Chair. This chaise lounger was meticulously crafted. Its 32 customizable settings are based on yoga concepts for backbone self-healing and excellent posture and correspond to the 16 moon phases. This innovative chair fits 5–5.9-footers. The Transforming Chair is functional and elegant, available in wood and wood-and-metal.

The design of the Transforming Chair draws inspiration from the ancient lunar cycle and incorporates elements of yoga concepts. This chair features 16 positions, each representing a different phase of the moon. It encourages individuals to prioritise self-care and leverage the cyclical nature of life to promote back healing. The chair enhances self-healing, vitality, and proper body alignment by providing support for the corresponding yoga poses in each step.

The Transforming Chair transcends back care innovation, while also serving as a testament to the power of creative collaboration and the importance of cultural preservation. This chair represents a fusion of art-metal craftsmanship and koftgiri, traditional dying craft skills in India.  The wood-metal version features an iron frame adorned with intricate silver wire patterns, which beautifully depict the 16 phases of the moon. These patterns are created using ancient geometric shapes known as yantras. The aesthetically pleasing design of this chair not only enhances its visual appeal, but also serves as a testament to the remarkable collaboration and craftsmanship exhibited by these artisan groups.


In a technological age, the Transforming Chair inspires creativity, resilience, and cultural preservation. Its lunar cycle adaptation, yoga-inspired self-care, and collaboration between two dwindling artisan communities make it stand out. This chair improves posture, spinal health, and sustainable cultural craft livelihoods.

Nitya Yantra - A Transforming Furniture

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