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Introducing the "Madira" Bar Collection - a unique blend of Indian cultural heritage and contemporary design, inspired by the terracotta craft cluster of Molela.


The "Madira" Bar Collection celebrates the rich drinking culture of India, taking inspiration from the Royalty of Indian Culture. Crafted by skilled Kumbhars (potters) of Molela, this collection showcases an assortment of bar accessories and products, including a beautifully handcrafted Bar Chair and Bar made with traditional Molela terracotta craft techniques.

The Bar Chair features intricate hand-modeled, hollow relief votive plaques that Molela potters are famous for. These votive plaques depict various deities from both mainstream Hindu pantheon and regional divinities rooted in animistic beliefs and local folklore, adding a touch of spiritual essence to your bar space.


Our Sustainable Home Bar products are designed with utmost care, considering the current Indian home scenario and conducting thorough research and development. Each piece in the collection is built using basic clay work techniques such as squeezing, pinching, and coiling on a flat clay slab, ensuring it is not just a piece of furniture but a work of art.

The "Madira" Bar Collection aims to fill the market gap, making Royal-inspired bar accessories and products accessible and affordable for everyone. Embrace the fascination of Royal living in your own home and elevate your drinking experience with our thoughtfully crafted and culturally rich bar collection.


Indulge in the essence of Indian heritage, culture, and craftsmanship with the "Madira" Bar Collection, and create a bar space that exudes elegance, tradition, and charm.


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