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Introducing a revolutionary fusion of Art Metal Ware and HCD-Tex™ - a uniquely crafted bag that sets a new standard for sustainable fashion and innovation. Humanity centred designs® has harnessed local, circular recycling technology to develop HCD-Tex™, the world's first technical recycled textile purely made from pre-consumer textile waste.

The result is a range of 100% recycled, innovative, and low-impact textile materials, including the HCD-Tex™ used in this exquisite bag. Embrace fashion with a conscience as you carry this bag, knowing that it is a true embodiment of eco-friendly practices and circular fashion.

The fusion of Art Metal Ware and HCD-Tex™ brings together the best of two worlds - the strength and durability of metal with the flexibility and sustainability of recycled textiles. The bag's design showcases the perfect blend of creativity and craftsmanship, making it a standout piece that effortlessly complements your style.

This uniquely crafted bag was specially designed for Lakme Fashion Week 2022, making it an exclusive piece that reflects the cutting-edge of fashion and sustainability. Make a statement with this one-of-a-kind bag, knowing that it represents a commitment to ethical fashion and responsible consumption.

With this bag, you not only carry a piece of innovative design but also contribute to a brighter and greener future. Join the movement towards sustainable fashion with this extraordinary fusion of Art Metal Ware and HCD-Tex™, and be a part of the positive change in the fashion industry. Elevate your style while making a conscious choice for the planet with this exquisitely crafted bag that embodies elegance, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

HCD Tex Tridac Bag Lakmae Featured

SKU: 10
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